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Atlanta Architects
3680 Pleasant Hill Rd, Suite 200
Duluth, Georgia 30096
Phone: 770.622.9858
Casey G. Durden, P.E.
Patrick R. Foley, P.E.
Jeffrey T. Hill, R.A.
Scott D. Magar, R.A.
Michael A. Rossi, A.I.A.

Scott D. Magar, R.A., Partner

Scott is an NCARB certified registered architect with over 15 years of design experience in commercial architecture, including retail shopping centers, office buildings, financial institutions, restaurant, and theater design. Under the tutelage of famed architects Faye Jones, Peter Eisenman and Marlon Blackwell, Scott earned his Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Arkansas. He also studied Urban Design at the internationally known Universidad de Anahuac in Mexico City.  At HFR&A, Scott oversees all phases of design, coordination, construction documents, and construction administration. He also manages a team of architects and engineers for retail centers that exceed ten million dollars in construction costs.

One of Scott’s most rewarding projects thus far is the Parkway Commons project in Franklin, TN, where he oversaw the site planning, rezoning and land use planning of this large retail center, and rose to numerous challenges including strict city design guidelines. Spanning three years, this award-winning project earned Scott and his team media coverage for their efforts, along with personal phone calls from clients expressing their gratitude for the success of the final product.