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Atlanta Architects
3680 Pleasant Hill Rd, Suite 200
Duluth, Georgia 30096
Phone: 770.622.9858
Casey G. Durden, P.E.
Patrick R. Foley, P.E.
Jeffrey T. Hill, R.A.
Scott D. Magar, R.A.
Michael A. Rossi, A.I.A.

Patrick R. Foley, P.E., Partner

Pat is a registered Professional Engineer with more than two decades of structural design experience as a Principal, Project Manager, and Project Engineer on projects including retail shopping centers, office buildings, schools, banks, libraries, and manufacturing facilities.  Pat directs the firm’s Structural Department in use of the industry-standard AutoCAD software and supervises the engineering, design and production of all projects. He is also responsible for client contact, project management, schedule coordination, and conducts internal reviews of all projects as part of our standard quality assurance program.

With his family roots in the steel construction business, Pat worked as an apprentice ironworker during school breaks.  Having witnessed his family’s accomplishments—ranging from buildings and bridges to nuclear processing facilities spanning the U.S.—Pat developed a keen sense for the significance of a building’s “skeleton”, and this inspired his career in structural engineering.  He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Virginia Tech.