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Atlanta Architects
3680 Pleasant Hill Rd, Suite 200
Duluth, Georgia 30096
Phone: 770.622.9858
Casey G. Durden, P.E.
Patrick R. Foley, P.E.
Jeffrey T. Hill, R.A.
Scott D. Magar, R.A.
Michael A. Rossi, A.I.A.

Jeffrey T. Hill, R.A., Partner

Jeff’s architectural career spans more than 30 years. A master in schematic design, Jeff creates artistic hand-drawn sketches of buildings in the preliminary design stages—connecting clients to their vision in a more personal, familiar way.  Having developed a keen interest in art and architecture at an early age, Jeff brings creative problem-solving abilities and a passion for his craft to each and every project, and believes fully in the importance of listening to client needs.

As a founding member of HFRAA, Jeff provides comprehensive programming services, master planning, and design development solutions to ensure that the economical, functional and aesthetic needs of the client are satisfied. Jeff is a registered architect in many of the Southeastern states and is NCARB certified. He graduated from the University of Tennessee with a Bachelor of Architecture degree.