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Atlanta Architects
3680 Pleasant Hill Rd, Suite 200
Duluth, Georgia 30096
Phone: 770.622.9858
Casey G. Durden, P.E.
Patrick R. Foley, P.E.
Jeffrey T. Hill, R.A.
Scott D. Magar, R.A.
Michael A. Rossi, A.I.A.

Casey G. Durden, P.E., Partner

Casey is a registered Professional Engineer with 20 years of design experience in civil engineering, including the Department of Housing and Urban Development and KPFF Seattle. With a passion for recreational activities and a love of the great outdoors, Casey’s selection of engineering—and site development in particular—was for him a logical career choice that enabled him to effectively combine his skills with his interests.

In addition to resolving difficult site design, Casey has significant knowledge of hydrology studies, water quality facilities, grading and drainage plans, site planning, coordination and a comprehensive exposure to municipal and code requirements for permitting projects. At HFRAA, he is responsible for the civil design and preparation of construction drawings for site, grading, utility, and erosion control plans.  Casey earned his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering Technology degree from Southern Polytechnic State University.